How to Register your Mac(Apple) Laptop, On or Off Campus, to Connect to the Wifi

  1. Connect to Onboard_smu_lawn wifi SSID

  2. Access the below URL via the popped up browser screen.


     Option 1 – “Yes, I want to install Aruba Onboard” follow below steps



Choose either one based on your OS. A or B




Unlock the lock button and enter credentials to edit app settings. Check on Aruba Onboard as shown in below picture.


After installation of app go to option 2

Option 2 – “Yes, I already have Aruba Onboard” follow below steps

Go to System Preferences, then Security and Privacy, scroll down and click Profiles.  Double click Aruba Onboard xxx option.  Click install.  Enter credentials to auto install the profile/certificate. (refer to below pic).  If it times out, click retry and re-do the previous steps until it finishes and says "All done".


Registration is completed successfully, now user is good to connect to smu_lawn_wifi (Samuel Merritt University) while on campus.








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