How long do Alumni have access to SMU resources?

We would like to announce to the community that we will be changing the long-standing policy of lifetime access for graduated students.

This decision was made after careful consideration, consultation with peer institutions and policy change approval by leadership.


What is the Reason for the Change?

Due to declining usage, enhancing University cyber security efficiencies, cost,  and trends within higher education, we have decided to discontinue alumni lifetime access.

This decision follows the trend of other universities, including the University of Florida, Florida State University and the University of Illinois, and many others.          


What Will Change?

Samuel Merritt University will phase out alumni lifetime access.  Instead, SMU Alumni will retain access to their SMU account for one year after graduation, unless they re-enroll. 


When Will the Change Occur?

We will implement this change on Monday June 5th, 2023. 


How and when will Students and Alumni be informed of the Change?

Alumni who graduated prior to June 5th, 2022, or prior will receive the first of three reminders on Monday, March 6th.  

Going forward, graduated students will receive staged interval reminders as their accounts approach the 1-year termination date.

Follow-up reminders will be sent on schedule as shown below:



What information will be provided to Students and Alumni?

We have a site dedicated to this community announcement.  This page contains FAQ’s and more details regarding this notification. 

We encourage you to visit: Discontinuation of Lifetime Alumni Access for more information.


What Access Will Alumni have between Graduation and De-activation?

Alumni will have access to the same SMU applications they did prior to graduation except for some University online resources, based on contractual obligations with content providers.


What should an Alumnus do if they believe they receive a notification in error?

They should contact the IT Service desk through the Team Dynamix Portal and enter a ticket.


If you have any further questions regarding this communication, please direct them to the Network Service Team:


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