Errors Getting Into Zoom from Canvas


  • If you see a warning that "The instructor's email ( email) is invalid," the email address on your SMU Zoom account does not match the default email address in Canvas.
    • Follow these directions to change your default email address in Canvas. (This might have happened if you reset your default address to something other than your SMU email address, or if you are a new faculty member and had a student SMU Canvas account and your default email address is still showing your student email address.)
  • Note on sign in - in the desktop app, be sure to use the "SSO login option" and put "Samuelmerritt" (minus the quotes) in the blank box. This will redirect to our sign in page.
  • If you see a warning that "User does not exist (" there are three possible solutions:
    • You have not set up your SMU Zoom account. Please follow the directions on setting up your account.
    • You might be signed into Zoom on your computer under a non-SMU account. Try signing out of Zoom and then back in with your SMU credentials.
      • Log into Zoom
      • Sign out of you Zoom app account.
      • Access MySMU
      • Find the Zoom icon.
      • Click “Open”
      • This automatically signs you on to SMU Zoom, in the computer or mobile app.
    • There is something not working right with your SMU Zoom account, and you should contact IT services to have them troubleshoot the problem.



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