Self Service Password Reset

Okta Self Service Password Reset

Go to

Enter username and click next.

It may send a push notification or code and then bring you into your dashboard.  In that case, click
your name drop down in the upper right, click settings, and then click "reset" next to password.
Otherwise, go to next step:

Select Password & Click on Forgot password?


Click on Send me an email.

Note it will send to both your SMU email and personal email on file.
Please check either email for the verification code.



Check your email from

Please note it might be in your Junk folder.

You’ll have the option to click on the Reset Password link or use the code instead.

If you did not receive an email, please contact our support line at 510-907-2555 option 1.

(Technician to verify primary and secondary email exists in your Okta profile. If not, they can add your personal email as your secondary email.)


Enter your new password and reset your password.


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