Information Technology Services

Service offerings related to technology support, email, WiFi, websites, printers, business applications, etc.

Categories (11)

Accounts, Access & Password

This is to report problem or request access with SMU account or password.

Business Applications

Includes business application problems, access, or reports (not for instructional applications such as Canvas, Dropout Detective, YouSeeU, etc.)

Computer Software and Mobile Apps

Includes computer software and mobile apps.


This for email-related problem/request such as add/remove aliases, add/remove distribution list members, distribution list creation, etc.

Internet, VPN & WiFi

Includes Internet Access, VPN, and WiFi.

Multimedia, Classroom & On-Site Events

Includes AV system, document camera, media system, photography, on-campus event support, smart classroom, and video production.

Office Phone and Fax

Includes office phones, voice mail, VoIP and fax.

Printer, Copier & Scanner

This is for printers, copiers and scanners.

SharePoint & Teams

Includes SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Online, and Teams.


Includes SMU web site and application web sites.


This is to report/request other problem/service.